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Mind Body Spirit | Spirituality | Spiritual Growth

Reconnecting mind body spirit by nourishing the body with clean, healthy food, the mind through spiritual growth and the planet through a raised consciousness and spiritual awakening.

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Helen Steiner Rice poems, including inspirational friendship poems.

Helen Steiner Rice, known as the

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Pesticides in Food | Pesticide Residue

If pesticides in food is important, and it should be, look at this list of foods ranked by the pesticide residue they contain. When to buy organic.

Continue reading "Pesticides in Food | Pesticide Residue"

Spiritual Journey | Stories about the Spiritual Path

A spiritual journey, stories along the spiritual path.

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Prayers For Prosperity | Prayer For Money | Benevolent Outcomes

Use these short prayers for prosperity to bring financial success into your life. Browse these sample prayers for money.

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Daily Prayers | The Gentle Way

These tips for your daily prayers will help you with issues in your life. Look here for short prayers for all occasions and situations.

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Prayers | The Gentle Way | How to Pray

Learn how to pray using benevolent outcome prayers. They work with big and small things. Create your own benevolent outcomes.

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Forgiveness | How to Forgive

What really is forgiveness and how do we learn to forgive? It is part of our spiritual journey. Start here.

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Laws of Attraction | The Law of Attraction

Tips for using the laws of attraction to bring about the life of your dreams. Learn the Secret of the universal laws.

Continue reading "Laws of Attraction | The Law of Attraction"

The Law of Attraction | Universal Laws

The law of attraction is one of the spiritual laws of the universe, often called The Secret. Use the law of attraction to create the life you want.

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What Will Happen in 2012? | 2012 Predictions

What will happen in 2012? There have been many doom and gloom 2012 predictions and prophesies. Find out what ancient wisdom really says.

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Easy Cajun Quinoa Recipe

This Cajun quinoa recipe is one of our easy vegetarian recipes. Whether you follow a vegetarian lifestyle or not, you will love this healthy recipe.

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Fried tofu recipes make cooking with tofu easy and versatile.

One of my favorite fried tofu recipes is this crispy tofu. Learn how cooking tofu can be easy and delicious.

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Red Lentil Soup | Lentil Soup Recipe | Mexican Recipes

You can make this red lentil soup recipe as spicy as you like. If you like Mexican recipes and want a vegetarian soup, this one is a must try.

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Hummus Recipe | Middle Eastern Recipes

This hummus recipe is one of my favorite Middle Eastern recipes and will soon be yours. A great vegetarian appetizer or side dish recipe.

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