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In our What's New section here on www.AReconnecting.com we'll let you know about interesting and exciting events.

Come here for information on upcoming in person and online events and courses, must see movies and documentaries, new books that are a must have (in my library at least), videos and downloads.

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So Here is What's New:

1. Stories From My Own Spiritual Journey
(and share your own)

I have started a section where I will begin to share my own experiences along my spiritual path. Some of them are uplifting, while some of them show you how I stumble along the way. It starts here.

2. Benevolent Outcome Prayers

There are three new pages on the site about praying - how to pray using benevolent outcome prayers, examples of short daily prayers to use for every occasion and prayers for prosperity. It seems many of us are looking to bring more prosperity into our lives and these prayers will be a real help.

Benevolent Outcome Prayers

Daily Prayer Examples

Prosperity Prayers

3. Our Bookstore

We have a new Amazon bookstore that is filled with great ideas for books you will want to add to your bookcase. Browse it here.

4. Law of Attraction Books

I love law of attraction books! They remind me over and over (I always need reminding) about how we can consciously co-create our lives with our Creator. As with all subjects, there are good books on this topic and not so good. I have written about my favorite law of attraction books. I have a collection of them and refer to them often. I have also found some great CDs and DVDs on this universal law. You can review my favorite law of attraction books, CDs, card deck and DVDs here.

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"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself."

Jim Rohn

I love these cards and use them often.