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A Reconnecting of
Mind Body Spirit

A Reconnecting - mind body spirit - working in unity for the betterment of humanity and our own souls.

Albert Einstein stated: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Connecting mind body spirit is about connecting to your spirit and to the soul within. It is about being open to the miracles in our lives.

It is realizing that there really is a mind body connection and embracing that connection in our lives.

Actually it is more a matter of reconnecting to spirit.

Reconnecting Mind Body Spirit

We are already connected to God (or whatever you prefer to call The Source or Our Creator), and always have been. Most of us have simply forgotten that connection and have tried to find our way to happiness through careers, consumerism and busy lives.

More and more though people around the world are realizing that something is missing. No matter how much material success we achieve, no matter how many "things" we buy, there is an emptiness inside that can't be filled.

Now that we have discovered that buying things and rushing through life doesn't work, we ask ourselves what it's all about. What now? In larger and larger numbers we are turning inward in that search for inner peace.

Our belief that there must be something more has set us on a spiritual journey of discovering our soul, a journey to reconnect mind body and soul.

We now know that inner peace comes through spiritual growth.

The answers are where they have always been - inside each of us.

The truth is "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey". (Stephen Covey)

Newborn babies know they are spiritual beings. They remember God. Over time, this memory fades and, in most of us, vanishes altogether.

Many of us have become disconnected from the part of us that is spirit, from our soul.

We have been searching for answers in our lives, and more and more that answer is found in re-connecting mind body spirit, in finding God again, although he was never lost - we were.

This site celebrates the spirit and that reconnection.

Health and Wellness

The body section of the site includes information on health and wellness, holistic health, and creating a healthy body.

Healthy eating explores ideas like food combining and the acid alkaline balance in our bodies, as well as healthy foods and why they are good for us. We'll also look at the spiritual component of food.

There is a real movement around the world towards eating local food. We will explore the concept of eating local and why it may solve the problems we experience on many levels.

The Mind Body Connection

In the "mind" part of the mind body spirit connection we will explore the ways to inner peace and inspiration, including variations in how we may approach our spiritual paths - through talking about alternative healing, meditation, chakras, and concepts like the Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles.

Although I have divided this site into three sections, Body, Mind and World, everything really does pertain to everything else and it all overlaps. After all, body mind and soul are one. So please feel free to browse and search out what interests you.

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Share Your Thoughts on Consciousness and Enlightenment

And feel free to participate. This site is not about me teaching the world about spirituality. It is about all of us sharing and learning - sharing our experiences of oneness (or sometimes the feeling of lack of it), sharing the stories of our spiritual path and our journey, the ups and downs, and moving towards inner peace and the joy of understanding and enlightenment.

I know I am not alone on this journey. There are millions of us around the world who want to move toward oneness, in all of its meanings. We are not just on a personal journey of reconnecting mind body spirit, but also of joining together as one world to create a community of like minded people, to heal our planet and to bring love and comfort to all who inhabit it with us. We heal ourselves as well in the process.

I hope you all find this your home.

I am very much open to your suggestions for this site and your participation. On most pages you will see a form at the bottom that asks you to share. You can tell your story about reconnecting mind body spirit or another related topic, submit an article for inclusion on the site, send a healthy recipe, share what is working for you and what is not, whatever moves you, as long as it is positive and comes from the heart.

I wish you joy.

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People on the whole just do not realize the incredible power of the mind, a power which can lift one to the heights or drop one to the most abysmal depths. …

Recently I read in a magazine of a lady who handed over a donation to a car guard at a shopping mall and the guard responded with a "God bless you". …

The banners of the army of light have everywhere been unfurled, the spirit of freedom-justice and goodwill is racing around the world. The malignant …

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Love doesn't happen in a flash... love doesn't happen by chance. True love is an eternal ecstasy that makes your heart and soul dance.

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If you can just Live in the "Now" and Focus on this Moment with ease, then Fear and Worry will disappear as you Live with Joy and Peace!

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God is beyond Gender, God is not He or She. God is a Supreme Power that no Human can See or Be!

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First, we must Experience God in everything Beautiful. Then, we will see Everything Beautiful as God.

Spiritual Quote by AiR Not rated yet
Experience God in the Mountains, then in the Butterflies, Trees and the Sea. Then slowly you will Realize, that God is in You & Me!

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Do you know who you truly are? Or are you from the Truth afar? If the Truth you must find... first, you must Transcend the Mind.

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Desire is like a fire. In the end it makes us burst. And though we achieve what we want, it will never Quench our thirst.

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When will we realize that the Earth itself is like one grain of sand on the vast beach of Creation?

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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Albert Einstein

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