by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

We accept the familiar and the usual. We are comfortable and 'at home' with it.

Anything that threatens the stability of our three dimensional world causes us untold anxiety, anything that may lead to the shattering of the usual, the familiar, brings fear and worry.

We are very comfortable with our certainty. Strangely, even the great Albert Einstein shied away initially from from the erratic world of quantum theory. It suggested a chaos which he was not prepared to deal with.

Each of us enjoys the familiar and the usual. No matter how miserable or poor it may be, ones home is a haven. To step through the door, drop into a familiar chair and sleep in ones own bed is vastly comfortable. Its surely like an escape from the outside world representing safety and security. Once inside one can lay down the burdens of the world and totally relax.

In a larger sense our three dimensional world is such a place. We are used to it and the suggestion that it may be only a part of a much greater reality can be disturbing. yet this is the truth and has been alluded to and taught down the ages by many enlightened souls even long before the advent of the Master Jesus Immanuel.

Indeed, the mystery teachings record that the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Persia and the Indian sub-continent were highly advanced and enlightened governed by individuals who were initiates in the science of the spirit and cosmic law. The higher reality, the I AM beingness was as real and potent to them as breathing. The great hope and expectation of this Aquarian age is that man will once again regain his 'lost' divine heritage.

We are told by those gifted with etheric vision that everything, all form/matter has its higher reality, its etheric counterpart, its true form (if 'form' can be used for something so intangible) which gives it life, whether it be the human, a flower, a tree, a stone or a star. This auric energy field has indeed even been captured on photographic film making that spiritual energy a reality for those not gifted with inner sight.

Of course there are many souls who do not need external confirmation or proof of that reality, who simply know. And that's as it should be since everyone and everything is at a different stage of evolution.

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