by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

Her behaviour was noticeably different over the last few weeks. It was as if she was feeling something change within herself. She would move forward in her chair holding her head in her hands. When asked,"what is the matter?", she would divert attention from herself by being abrupt.

A few days later she was taken to the doctor about a complaint. She returned home restless and not herself. She and her daughter who had been taking care of her for many years had discussed the possibility of her going to hospital. She pleaded to be allowed to remain at home.

Early one morning she asked her daughter for a cup of soup. The daughter left her for a few minutes to switch the stove plate on to return and find that her mother had passed on.

In spite of her age and the possibility of death being greater with an older person, it still came as a huge shock. Can dying be so easy?? One minute here, the next minute gone?

This is most probably one of the most difficult transitions for the human mind to make. From the world of matter to the world of spirit. For the greater part of our human experience the world of matter and material manifestation is where all our attention and energy goes.

We spend an entire lifetime accumulating assets only to find that after all the effort there are no banks in heaven. You cannot even take a toothbrush when you pass from this world into that of the spirit.

The mind pulls out all the stops to convince you that dying must be bad snd not even to be thought of and somehow the allure of this mind reasoning traps many people into fearing so-called death and the hereafter.

What is it that we react to when someone dies? The woman of 84 mentioned above affected many lives while she was still in this physical world, some more than others. The sudden withdrawal of her physical energy leaves a void.

Until sufficient time has passed, for those who experience this void, to adjust to it or to fill the lack of her energy with their own, she will be experienced as gone. This is not true. She is in another form different to the dense physical. Life energy cannot be extinguished; it simply transforms.

When the belief in life is limited to the physical , 'death' is devastating.

The opposite is also true, when death is known to be the final step in the learning Earth experience, continuing after so called death as it also began at birth. It is a most liberating sharing of anothers life.

The words we use to describe death are helpful in finding the clues to our own beliefs of dying. We will often say someone was killed by 'accident', which implies that it happened at the wrong time, and yet, many people who die sudden deaths will conclude business, write letters and clean up their lives and affairs just prior to their dying. Its as if they knew.

Thanks to people with great insight into so-called death and thanks to their persistent reporting and research into this phenomenon enables others to understand that dying is a most natural and normal transition experienced on all levels of life from plant to bird to animal and to human.

For so long the fear of 'death' has robbed humans of the freedom to be fully alive. It is such a great pity that Westerners on the whole have ignored or chosen to ignore the ancient wisdom of the East, particularly that of the Egyptian, Hindu and Persian which throws so much light on this phenomenon and is replete with the most wonderful wisdom on this subject.

A great soul has said: 'Only when you understand your mortality can you start your living.'

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