by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

Recently I read in a magazine of a lady who handed over a donation to a car guard at a shopping mall and the guard responded with a "God bless you".

This lady in turn responded with a hearty and resounding 'Amen'.

She had obviously been touched by by the power of the Amen. While it is a word people around the world are very familiar with, most are not really aware of its power or significance. We often say Amen without giving it much thought saying it automatically after a prayer and indeed I venture to say that most ministers, preachers and Rabbi's also say it automatically without being aware of its power.This little word is however so powerful it can literally bring about miracles before ones eyes. The Jewish Talmud states that it is as powerful as the actual uttered prayer because it affirms Almighty God's ultimate power and a belief in God's omnipotence directly from ones soul. It creates a connection to the Almighty based on pure faith and devotion. Now this word has the numerical number or gematria of 91. The Hebrew word 'Malach', meaning angel, has the same numerical value, so every single time we say Amen, we are creating an angel.

Isn't that a wonderful and inspiring thought? This angel has the power to eradicate all negativity, all destructiveness that has been made or brought about by ourselves, our families, our friends and our community.

There are people who can testify to this power of the Amen when uttered with power, with faith and love. Terminally ill people have fully recovered, women who have been told by specialists that they cannot conceive and who have subsequently been praying and Amen-ing with power with their husbands, have suddenly conceived. People scheduled for very serious operations and who pray and Amen with power and faith suddenly find their particular medical condition disappearing and the doctors and specialists are dumbfounded.

So, the power of Amen is not some hocus-pocus, but it is not a magical cure either, its truly a question of deep faith. However, forget about the salvation it can bring. The connection we create with the Almighty in that one word by saying Amen with power and faith and thereby acknowledging the Almighty as the source of all good, is mind boggling. from that one word can stem so much future growth. People are searching for a divine connection, for strength, hope, healing, the resolving of some distressing issue, and when they find it in such a inspirational way, the doors to their spiritual potential open and the sky is the limit./ My wife and I are great Amen enunciators and always there is the sense of a positive energy unleashed.

Granted that what we pray for does not manifest every time, however, we know that if it is meant it will come at the right time. We just have to do our part, and not only for ourselves, our families, but for others and our world as well. No one truly knows how or when the word evolved, suffice it that it is a holy and powerful word and when said with power and faith can truly open the gates of heaven.

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