by Carl Stedmond
(Whitby , Ontario, Canada.)


What if there was another reality? What if nearly everything we believed in was just an illusion?

How would that awareness affect our lives? To what extent would it change us? Could we indeed change?

What if your thoughts created your reality? Like dreams, what if you could literally change your world with your thinking?

Let’s speculate. What if countless forms of intelligent life had been visiting or even inhabiting our planet for thousands of years? If we shifted our perception, could we alter our beliefs? How would this change our impression of the world, of God, and who we are?

As a child, I pondered upon such questions, about life, our world, and the universe in which we live as I gazed at the star's most night's.

Quantum mechanics, also known as quantum physics or quantum theory, helps us to understand that everything is energy vibrating at a certain speed. The rate makes something either a solid or a liquid. To learn about our true nature we must delve beyond our senses to create a new paradigm., a SHIFT in awareness, It’s not about changing what we see, but how we perceive things. It’s all about how you think about things, how you feel about things. Reality is filtered through our sense organs.

Energy come's in all forms, and the most powerful energy is our thoughts.

What if we are a mass of atoms vibrating at a particular speed, just as a chair or table? Atoms change behavior as they are observed by us. Is this our mind’s effect upon objects? Dr Emmoto has proved how our thought's effect water....hey! we are made up of mostly water, as is mother Earth

So what is consciousness? It is an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation, but there is a reality which exists beyond what we see in front of us.

I chose the title of my book, “The Diary of an Uneducated Man”, because of never really having a formal education. You see, I grew up as a child in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England (Just over the river Mersey, was Liverpool (you know, where the Beatles come from). When I left school at age fourteen, three years of which I was confined to a wheelchair. (Perthis dis-ease) This was a very hard time in my life, and I had a very hard time with bullying, being called names like: peg leg, hop along, spastic and many other's. You see I had a huge ion on my leg for walking when I got out of the wheelchair for another year.

I love to laugh! And laughing heals the soul, (And helps keeps the body from dis-ease) so my book will be filled with humour. They say you have to be either a footballer (soccer player for you north American's L.O.L.) or a comedian if you come from Merseyside). I decided to
become a singer/songwriter at the age of forty-six after my shift in consciousness. And I wish to continue spreading my message with my songs in combination with this book about how my life was changed out of now-here. I believe that we can work together to co-create our new world with this divine energy.

My break-through came when I had a surreal experience with “light”. Some may call it a true awakening, others an enlightenment or rebirth, or a SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS. Since that day, my life has taken on a new meaning. This moment approached after years of heartache, divorce, my father's death, loss of my home, and a broken ankle, all within a span of a few months. I have heard that pain is a great AWAKENER and this lad has had his fair share, L.O.L..

I’m so excited about this transformation that I wanted to spread it around the world! A week after this experience with the light, I wrote my first song called “THE LIGHT”. In the song, it describes this life-changing event. (If you google my name you can hear a few of my songs on youtube and myspace.... 2012... GO WITHIN....OUR HERO'S.....THE SINS OF THE FATHER...THE SECRET.

With help from ‘The Secret’ which Oprah Winfrey brought mainstream, many people started teaching the laws of attraction. There are many great book's out there about it, and indeed a lot of teachers that have INSPIRED me do a brilliant job, Louise Hay...Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Bruce Lipton, Greg Bradden, to name a few.

I’m a very grounded down to earth lad who’s been awakened, the only way I can describe it. Now, I know that love is the answer to all of our problems. Love is the basis of all life, God is love, so therefore so are we. Jesus Christ brought this message to humanity and indeed his WISDOM is being proved by science right now.

Everything is energy, and love is the highest vibration known to man. Fear ranks the lowest.
So if we remain in a state of fear, our vibrations plummet, and this makes for a grim reality. The law of attraction in the physical world is opposites attract, but in the spiritual realm like attracts like, so thinking fear-based thoughts, you manifest low vibrational energies into your life.

For thousands of years many have taught us these laws. Now as science has evolved to comprehend nature’s laws and prove them, I believe we now will be able to discover our divine essence as co-creators of the Universe. Science meets Spirituality. We are all one. One with the universe and each other. We must understand that we are not separate from anything, rather we are all connected. What we think and feel affects the earth just as it affects others (mass consciousness). So, we need to choose what we would like to create here on our beautiful planet.

In my book “The Diary of an Uneducated Man”, each of the twelve chapters refer to each of the twelve songs on my cd and indeed, each song recalls a chapter in my life.

I believe we’ve arrived at a time of great awakenings, when humanity may discover that we are not alone in this beautiful universe, but connected to every life form.

Many of us grow up where fear and separation takes front row, it was quite prevalent in my life. This led me to embark on a deep study of Shotokan karate. (Gitchen Funakoshi) A very powerful dynamic style of karate, “kara”, meaning open, and “te” meaning “the way” the way of the empty hand, and “Sho-to-” meaning pine-waves" or the movement of pine needles when the wind blows through them.

Kan, means ‘house’ or ‘hall’. I was gifted by being taught by some of the best teachers in the world, from Liverpool to Birkenhead and I’ve achieved my shodan or black belt in 1984 from the K.U.G.B (Karate Union of Great Britain) with the legendary Sensei Enoeda. One of my instructors, Sensei Terry O'Neil former world karate champion taught Arnold Swartzaneggar. Arnold had just finished his documentary “Pumping ion” and Terry had just won the world title and appeared in many of his movies, PREDATOR, CONNAN, and RED SONYA.

Two of my friends became world heavyweight kick boxing champions, Chris Wright and Gary Sandland. Gary became the first ever English World heavy-weight champion. Me granddad was a pro-boxer and I spent time around pro- fighter's.

I emigrated to Canada in 1988 where I opened my dojo Liverpool karate and kick boxing club in Pickering, Ontario. I still teach to this day. After my shift in consciousness in 2005, I teach slightly different. I teach the students that everything is ENERGY and LOVE. I teach the children the meaning of compassion, and at the end of each children's class, I ask the kid's what is the most important thing in the world. They all shout out at once "LOVE SENSEI" This leaves me with a massive smile on my face, as I AM sure you have now, if you get it ;)

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