Chakra Colors and Their Meaning

chakra colors

Chakra colors correspond with each of the individual chakras.

Chakras are energy centers, located in our body. They are like little energy spirals that actually do move.

The entire chakra system is referred to as our etheric body, which mirrors our physical body.

The word chakra is actually a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, so they are often referred to as the wheels of life.

Chakra balancing is important because each of these energy wheels needs to be balanced and healthy in order for us to be in total health, physically, emotionally and etherically.

Although there are many chakras throughout our body, there are 7 chakras that are considered the major chakras and are in the locations indicated in the diagram.

Each major chakra is located in the center of the area specified on the front of the body.

Each of these energy centers is associated with a color. We will go through the chakra colors from bottom to the top.

You will see that each chakra and color have distinctive meanings that are interrelated.

Color is an important element in our lives and the colors we dress in and surround ourselves with can influence how we feel.

red chakra

Pendant with Garnet
Pendant with

The Color Red

The first chakra is often called the base or root chakra. The root chakra is about our basic emotions and needs, the primal force of life, and about feeling safe in the world.

It is associated with the color red. Red is obviously a fiery color and we associate the color red with passion and intense emotion. It is the color of our blood, again a reference to the primal force of life.

The root chakra relates to our sexual activity and of course the color red in our culture is associated with love in it's romantic sense. Red is the color of Valentine's Day.

Red is an aggressive color, very bold and strong. It denotes vitality and a strong life force.

Gems that carry the energy of red include ruby and garnet.

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orange chakra

Winged Scarab
Winged Scarab
with Carnelian

The Color Orange

The color orange is associated with the second chakra, called the sacral chakra. This chakra is located about two inches below the navel, in the lower abdomen, below the waist and above the pubic bone.

The sacral chakra is connected to our emotional nature and our creativity.

Orange is still a power color like red, but is softer. It represents our emotions.

Wearing orange or being around the color orange (as in an orange room) can help with depression and can increase feelings of enthusiasm, sociability and joy.

On the more negative side, orange can increase cravings for food. Not as good to have lots of orange around if you are really trying to watch your food intake.

The orange gemstone most associated with this chakra is the carnelian.

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yellow chakra

Lotus Ring
Lotus Ring
with Citrine

The Color Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun. It is associated with being cheerful and happy.

The color yellow is connected to the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, located between the lower edge of the rib cage and the navel.

This chakra is concerned with issues of self esteem and how we view ourselves. It governs our sense of belonging.

The color yellow is said to be associated with digestion and metabolic balance. This mirrors the solar plexus chakra, which on a physical level governs the stomach, small intestines, liver and kidneys.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the yellow gemstones topaz and citrine.

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green chakra

ring with emerald
Philisopher Ring
with Emerald

The Color Green

The color green is the color of nature, of the plants, grass and trees around us. If it is a clear green with just a tinge of blue, it is also a color of healing according to Edgar Cayce.

Green is associated with the 4th or heart chakra, which is located near the heart in the middle of the chest. On a physical level the heart chakra governs the heart and blood, lungs and breasts.

On an emotional level the heart chakra is concerned with love and relationships in all their forms. Love of a self, a partner, parents and children, plus a sense of compassion and love for others in the world.

The color green indicates compassion, generosity and harmony. It also is connected with jealously and envy on the negative side. Green is also associated with money.

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blue chakra

Ka Bracelet
Ka Bracelet
with Lapis

The Color Blue

The color blue is also a color of nature, being the color of the sky and seas.

It is associated with the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, which is our center of communication. It governs the throat and neck areas physically. On an emotional level, the throat chakra is concerned with communication, self expression and creativity.

The color blue is said to be both calming and uplifting. It is the color that connects us to our spiritual aspect. It expresses the passion and enthusiasm of the warmer colors, but tempered with a cooler reality.

Surround yourself with blue to communicate better, to relax and feel at peace and if you are having trouble sleeping.

One of the chakra stones connected to the color blue and the throat chakra is lapis lazuli.

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indigo chakra

star of david
Star of David
with Sapphire

The Color Indigo

Indigo is a much deeper blue. It is the color of the night sky. It is connected to the brow or third eye chakra, located in the middle of your forehead on the chakra chart above.

Indigo is a mix of blue and violet, the last of the chakra colors. This color is connected with our reasoning and intellect.

Indigo is related to the sixth chakra, often referred to as the third eye chakra, because where it is located in the center of the forehead is the location of our third eye, a symbol of enlightenment in Eastern philosophy.

On a physical level the sixth chakra governs the brain, eyes and neurological system. On an emotional level this chakra is connected to wisdom, intuition, insight and our higher mind.

Sapphire is a gemstone connected with this color.

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I am Beloved
with Amethyst

The Color Violet

Violet is a combination of the colors red and blue. It opens our imagination and allows our creativity to come forth.

It is the color of royalty, healers, psychics and mystery.

The color violet is connected to the 7th chakra or the crown chakra, located just above the top of the head.

The crown chakra governs the pituitary gland or "master" gland. It oversees the nervous system.

On an emotional level this energy center is concerned with enlightenment, knowledge and divinity.

The crown chakra is about connecting to spirit and our divine nature.

The color purple or violet is said to help you feel peace of mind. It is associated with kindness, humanitarianism and inspirational leadership.

Amethyst is a gemstone associated with violet and the crown chakra.

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