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Chakra Healing: The 11 Major Chakras of Pranic Healing

I have been interested in chakra healing and all forms of energy healing for some time.

On learning more about pranic healing (more about that on another page), I have come to learn that pranic healing is an alternative energy healing that deals with 11 chakras, instead of the 7 we are so familiar with.

I really do believe that we have much more control over our own health than traditional medicine has led us to believe.

I think that most traditional doctors truly have our best interests at heart, and I would not do without the services of one when I need it, but I think that alternative energy healing (spiritual healing to some) can do wonders to keep us healthy and help us to return to optimum health when required.

We all have times when we become angry, frustrated or hold bitterness and resentment. The energy that those and other negative feelings create builds in our bodies over time and is held in the etheric body, which houses hundreds of chakras or energy centers.

This is the time that chakra healing through pranic healing can work wonders.

Chakra healing is really chakra balancing, or clearing the negative or "dirty" energy from blocked chakra centers. When the chakra is uncongested energy flows freely around and through it to help keep us healthy.

Here is a list of the 11 chakras in pranic healing and a description of what physical areas each one governs:

11 Pranic Healing Chakras

1. The Basic Chakra

The basic chakra is located at the bottom end of the spine. It is usually represented as being in the back of your body, midway down your bottom.

This basic chakra has 4 petals. It is analogous to the roots of a tree. The roots need to be strong for the tree to be strong. Likewise, if the basic chakra is weak or out of alignment, the whole body is affected.

The basic chakra is roughly equivalent to the root or base chakra in the 7 chakra system.

The basic chakra governs the blood, bones, muscle tissues and adrenal glands. It also controls your general energy level. If this chakra is out of balance you may experience arthritis or rheumatism or feel extreme tiredness and lethargy.

2. The Sex Chakra

The sex chakra is located near the pubic bone.

The sex chakra has 6 petals and governs the urinary tract, bladder and sexual organs. When this chakra is out of balance it will often affect the sexual organs or manifest as sex related issues.

The sex chakra in the pranic system is basically equivalent to the sacral chakra in the 7 chakras system.

The sex chakra is closely connected to the ajna chakra, the throat chakra (both of which we will discuss below) and the basic chakra, so if any of these are out of balance it will adversely affect the sex chakra as well. As I said before, Chakra healing is all about chakra balancing.

3. The Meng Mein Chakra

The meng mein chakra is one we don't often hear of outside of pranic healing. It is located in the hollow of the back, along the waist, basically directly behind the navel.

The meng mein chakra is one of the secondary chakras and is about half the size of the major chakras, but it is quite powerful.

It is called the "pumping station" of the body. Located directly on the lower spine, it sends the pranic energy from the lower basic chakra to upper parts of the body.

On a physical level, it governs the kidneys and adrenal glands, so problems in this area indicate unbalanced energy in the meng mein that needs cleaning and chakra healing.

The meng mein also controls blood pressure. If you experience high blood pressure, kidney or back problems or low vitality, this chakra is probably congested or depleted.

4. The Navel Chakra

The navel chakra is located directly on the navel in the center of our waist. It has 8 petals.

The navel chakra controls and energizes the intestines, both large and small, as well as the appendix. Imbalance in the navel chakra manifests in things like constipation, appendicitis and other complications of the intestinal tract.

The navel chakra also contains something called biosynthetic ki (or chi or energy). This ki affects our ability to draw in, distribute and assimilate prana energy (or life energy).

For example, when there are bad weather conditions, there is less life energy (prana) in the air. People with a congested or depleted navel chakra will have less biosynthetic ki and will have more difficulty drawing in air during that time. It can leave them feeling very tired or emotionally low during those times.

When you are feeling low for seemingly no reason, the navel chakra needs cleaning and energizing.

Continue to read about the rest of the 11 chakras in pranic chakra healing here.

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