The 7 Chakras

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What are Chakras?

The word Chakras comes from the Sanscrit word meaning "wheels".

For thousands of years Eastern philosophies have believed that each of us has an energy body in addition to and interacting with our physical bodies.

The energy body is where energy is released from and absorbed into the body.

There is a life force energy that runs through the energy body. This energy is called "prana" in the East Indian culture and "chi" in Chinese medicine.

The energy body has channels that allow prana to flow freely throughout the body.

A free flow of prana or chi energy is essential for both our physical and emotional health.

There are many of these channels or energy centers, but the most important of them lie in a line that runs from the top of our head, down the spine to the groin area.

Within that line (called the sushumna nadi) are 7 wheels of energy that are known as the 7 chakras. They are called wheels because if you could see the chakra, you would see that the energy at those points really does spin, much like a CD spins in a CD player.

This spinning of energy isn't restricted to our chakra wheels. It is found in all areas of nature. Whenever two or more streams of energy converge, a vortex or spiral shaped funnel is created. We can see it in things like cloud formations, tornados or spiralling eddies in flowing water.

Similarly these chakra centers in our body are points where different streams of prana energy meet and form a spiralling energy vortex.

Each of these 7 energy bodies is said to spin at a unique frequency. Each has its own related color, sacred sound or mantra and is associated with particular parts of the body.

There are actually many more points of energy flow within our bodies, but the 7 points along the spine are considered the major chakra energy centers.

The chakra chart above illustrates these energy centers and where they are located in our bodies.

Why Are The 7 Chakras Important?

Each chakra has organs, emotions and senses that it governs.

When mind body spirit are in balance and we are healthy, the prana, or life energy, flows freely through our energy body and the 7 chakra wheels.

However, when be are ill, angry, stressed, depressed or simply feeling "off", the prana flowing through the energy centers can become blocked. A chakra may have too much energy, or too little.

This imbalance of energy can lead to more illness, or greater emotional imbalance. In general, our ability to experience perfect health in the related organs or emotions is impaired.

There are ways to determine which chakra(s) may be out of balance and to bring them back into realignment and we will look at those as we go.

We will also examine each chakra in depth, including their specifically related chakra colors, the ways to balance each energy body, chakra meditation and many other points of interest.

The Seven Chakras

The 7 primary or major chakras are:

Click on the links above to read more about each.

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Here is a handy Chakra Chart

A brief description of Chakra Colors

Cleaning Chakras

Read more about each chakra, starting with Chakra 1, the Root Chakra  arrows

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