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Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ is one of the best African childrens charities I have come across and so worthy of your financial support.

I am relatively new to this child charity. I first came across it in the summer of 2011 when I was invited to a charitable fund raising event to help send a group of 5 local women to Zambia to help in an AIDS orphanage/school.

That was such an amazing night.

John and Susan Chalkias, who run this wonderful international charity, introduced us to the work that they are doing in the African country of Zambia and in Myanmar (what used to be Burma).

In Africa and Burma, as in many other countries, there are many AIDS orphans. They are treated terribly. No one wants them. They are shunned and left to fend for themselves. Many die. The rest, unless they find childrens charities such as Seeds of Hope to help, often live alone, hungry and uncared for.

John and Susan saw this and their heart was pulled toward them so much, they have devoted their lives to helping these children. This is what they have to say about the children they provide hope for:

"We want to love them, nurture them, to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. We also want to provide them with the best education to enable them to succeed. We have a dream for our children in our Homes exactly like we have a dream for our own biological children. With your help, we are achieving the vision and dream God has given us for the children in our care. We are a family...God's family!"

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ takes these children in, often from a life on the streets, and gives them a loving home, healthy food, and, just as important, an opportunity to go to school.

They have thought of everything to help these children. Children who come from an orphanage are looked down on in the Zambian culture, while children who have attended boarding school have a real advantage. The Seeds of Hope community is set up as a residential school, so these children will have an opportunity to thrive and succeed in their future.

Susan told us the stories of several children who came to them and the life struggles they endured before they reached Seeds of Hope childrens charities. One in particular that stands out for me was a small girl who was left to live alone in the local market. She was given scraps by the local farmers and was finally taken in by a local woman, who did not care well for her. John and Susan were led to her and asked the woman if they could buy her uniforms and other clothing so she could go to school, which was the little girl's dream. The woman agreed readily.

The clothing was purchased and given to the girl, who was so excited she was waiting for them at the school. Several months later, when John and Susan looked for her to see her progress, they were distressed to find that the woman had sold the girls clothes and had abandoned her, sending her to live with some uncles a distance away.

It took Susan and John months to locate her. When they finally did, they found that she was not well looked after at all, possibly being abused, and of course, was not going to school. When asked if she wanted to come with them, the girl asked if they were taking her to school. No, they said, we are taking you home. And home it has been for this lovely little girl. She has grown and thrived in this loving and supportive community.

Susan and John have come to love this girl so much they wanted to adopt her and bring her to live with them in Canada, an opportunity most of these children would dream of. When they asked her though, she said thank you but no, she could do God's work more right where she is. I cry even as I write this, at this child who was given the opportunity to grow into this wonderful young woman who wants to give back to other children what was given to her.

Donating to childrens charities truly is donating to the future of the world.

Here is a bit more about Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™. I want you to feel comfortable donating to this, my favorite of all the childrens charities.

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ was incorporated in British Columbia in 1995 and is a registered charity with Revenue Canada under BN# 891228280 RR 0001.

In the USA, the organization is incorporated in the State of California and is a registered 501C charitable organization. (EIN# 20-3416077)

Some statistics you need to know about this organization for children:

  • 93% of all donations go directly to children, distributed through food, education, housing, and other programming.
  • Seeds of Hope receives no government funding. They depend on people like you to help them continue to save these children.
  • Seeds of Hope Children`s Ministry is a certified member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and abides by all its strict ethical and financial standards, including annual audits by an independent accounting firm.

You can donate to this wonderful childrens charity in several ways:

1. Give a general donation to support the ongoing work and new projects to help AIDS orphans thrive.

2. You can sponsor an individual child on a monthly basis. That way you donate a little bit every month (their monthly donation amount is the same or a bit lower than the larger childrens charities) to support this important work. And with this organization, you know that most of the money is actually reaching the children who need it.

Either way you can make an online donation directly on the Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry website. Other contact information is available on their site.

Here is another unique way to help this African childrens charity:

Are you a coffee drinker? Find out how you can enjoy delicious coffee while still helping one of Africa's best childrens charities.

I hope you will click on one of the links above to go to the Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry website. These are people who are truly doing God's work here on earth.

Here is their Mission Statement:

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ is committed to serving Jesus Christ. Our mission is to help orphans and the less fortunate around the world by sharing God's love and what he has blessed us with. We have a particular call in the area of caring for children who are either infected or affected with HIV/AIDS.

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