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The Meaning of The Color Red

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The meaning of colors is an integral part of the mind body spirit connection.

The color red is one of the most vibrant colors in the spectrum.

Red color has the longest wavelength in the visible color spectrum. It is also the visible light nearest to infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared waves produce heat and objects that are very heated eventually become visibly red.

It comes as no surprise then to learn that red is associated with fire, burning, heat and warmth.

Being the color of blood, red is also connected to life and that which sustains life. It is associated with living life at to its fullest.

The color red is seen as exciting and sexy. Edgar Cayce says that "the red vibration is the spirit of activity, a moving influence" 1. Red denotes a vibrant force. It expresses an outgoing vibration of aggressiveness, vitality and excitement. People who favor the color red are often extroverts.

Edgar Cayce, in his readings, stated that a preference for a red color "denotes a strong sex drive, a creativeness, a desire for new things and new friends, for travel and change, both in environment and friends".1

Generally the positive sides of the colour red include action, courage, a strong will, honesty, confidence, spontaneity, vibrancy and gratitude.

Everything is in balance in our world, so just as there are positive aspects of the meaning of red, there are negatives associated with this color as well.

Red is associated with danger. Stop signs, stop lights and fire trucks are red.

The color red is associated with selfishness, self-centeredness, anger and a temper. It is related to aggressiveness, a war-like attitude and conquest.

Red color is connected to nervousness, abruptness, instability and fickleness of feelings.

People who exhibit these negative personal attributes may have an excess of red energy and need to take time to be quiet and introspective, or to do for others in order to get outside of themselves.

Although meditation is an excellent practice for anyone who has an excess of energy from the color red, you may find it especially difficult to quiet the mind, as red energy is quite vibrant and active.

Red in the Chakra System

The color red is associated with the 1st chakra, often called the base chakra or the root chakra. In the chakra system an imbalance in the root chakra can leave you feeling insecure, depressed, angry or fearful. It can also result in being ungrounded, absent minded, or a sensation having your head in the clouds.

Red Gemstones

The gem stones associated with the color red are the same as those associated with the root chakra. They include the ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper and red coral.

Red gems placed in your home or workplace stimulate energy and add vitality. They also increase passion, which may become a negative, so be careful with red gemstones.

Carrying red color gemstones or wearing them next to your body can help strengthen the body and promotes confidence and courage. It also adds vitality and energy.

Red is a powerful color so be careful with it and be aware of what is happening to and around you if you incorporate it more into your life.

Adding The Color Red in Your Life

Studying the meaning of colors shows us that colors have a big influence on our emotions. It makes sense then that there are times when adding a particular color to your life makes sense and other times when it may be ill advised.

Add Some Red To Your Life:

  • When you are experiencing a lack of energy or are very tired. The high energy level of a red color can perk you up.
  • When you are feeling physically cold or are beginning to get a cold.
  • If you have poor blood circulation.
  • If you are feeling fearful, anxious or insecure and need a boost of self-confidence or courage.
  • If you feel a lack of interest in life in general or a lack of enthusiasm.
  • If you want to add energy to a space (eg children's playroom or a workspace). Be mindful though that red also increases aggressiveness and passion.

Do Not Add Red:

  • If you are feeling out of balance emotionally.
  • If you are feeling angry.
  • If you want peace and contentment to prevail in that space.

Wearing Red

If you are a woman, wearing red is seen as sexy and bold. Men tend to pick the color red as one of their favorites, so they may notice a woman in a red dress more readily.

Wear something red if you want to be thought of as confident and dynamic. It is surprising how a little bit of red can increase your confidence.

Wear the color red if you want to be noticed. For example, if you are attending a social event where you don't know many people, wearing red may draw people towards you more than another color.

Red Characteristics

Day: Tuesday

Sign: Aries

Planet: Mars (Edgar Cayce says Saturn)

Gland associated with the color Red: gonads (testes and ovaries)

Red Foods: Beets, radishes, red cabbage, strawberries, cherries, red skinned apples, other red skinned fruits, tomatoes, watercress, spinach, meat, cayenne pepper

Red Gemstones: red coral, bloodstone, garnet, red jasper, ruby

Chakra: Base or Root Chakra (the 1st chakra)

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The color red is all about passion and activity. Read more about the meaning of colors here.

1. Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings, by Roger Lewis
2. Colour Energy, by Inger Naess

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my son and colour Red. Not rated yet
In June this year at approx.3.30am Australian time my son in NZ was takeing his life. We all woke at this time myself my youngest son my dog n myself all …

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