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Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are an amazing tool to propel your life forward.

When you are on a path of spiritual and personal growth, it is always most effective to use a variety of self healing and personal development techniques.

Using positive affirmations is one of the most effective.

An affirmation is a statement or assertion that something exists or is true. 1

It is self talk and we do it all the time, although we aren't even aware of it.

Why Daily Affirmations?

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It stores information about events, thoughts and feelings for years and years and can easily influence our behavior throughout our lives based on this stored information. If the information stored in our subconscious mind is positive, because of positive life experiences from childhood on, our subconscious mind works for us in a positive way.

Unfortunately most of us have had several negative experiences in our lives and may not even be aware of how much these experiences can impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviors years and even decades later.

We may feel we are not good enough, not smart enough, couldn't possibly have this happen or achieve that! Not me. I couldn't possibly start my own business, or attract a wonderful, loving mate, or get that fantastic job. I don't have it in me. As long as we believe these thoughts, it is very difficult to really create the wonderful life of our dreams.

We can change our negative beliefs and patterns, but it takes some reprogramming of our subconscious mind. Repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis can take you from an "I can't" belief system to a "just maybe" to "sure I can".

Daily affirmations activate the power of your subconscious mind. Repetition of these affirmations influences the subconscious mind to begin to change to a more positive outlook. It won't happen all at once but, with perseverance, it will happen.

Positive daily affirmations can motivate you to begin looking at your goals as achievable. Because you are now focusing on the goal in a very positive way, affirmations can begin to change the way you think and feel, which over time will begin to change the way you act.

Being more positive begins to bring other positive things into your life as well, which brings you closer to your goals and may spark the creation of even newer dreams and goals. The universe of possibilities begins to open for you.

How To Write Daily Affirmations

Affirmations should always be written in the present tense. For example use "I am feeling..." instead of "I will feel...". When you use the future tense you are really telling the Universe that you are not ready for your desire yet and it will continue to evade you.

Word the affirmation as though what you want has already been accomplished. We program our subconscious mind by being grateful for our desires being in our life already. Having the mindset that what you want is already here removes any mental or subconscious obstacles you may have to receiving the desired outcome. In that way affirmations work much like the law of attraction - what you want comes to you when you remove the obstacles in your mind to receiving it.

Daily affirmations must seem reasonable to the conscious mind. Affirming that you will be the next Queen of England or the next President of the United States if you are not in politics yet, is pretty difficult to get your mind to believe. If your thinking to this date has been quite negative, you may decide to start smaller - an affirmation to get a new job for example. On some level, your conscious mind must be able to believe it is at least somewhat possible to fulfill.

Use language that feels comfortable to you and is the way you would normally talk. If you see an affirmation that you want to use but the wording feels foreign to you, change it a bit to suit you, but make sure to retain the same positive quality it originally had.

Repeating Daily Affirmations

We emphasize daily affirmations because positive affirmations really work best when repeated often, at least once per day. Repeat each affirmation 2 to 4 times before moving on to another.

Limit the number of affirmations you use at one time to 6 or 7. Using too many keeps you scattered. Focusing on a few key areas at a time will show more positive benefits.

If possible, set aside a few minutes several times a day to repeat your affirmations.

Write the affirmations on a small piece of paper and carry them with you. Repeat them whenever you can.

If possible repeat the statements aloud, even if it means quietly because you are in a public place. Of course, if you are in a place where it is impossible, or totally embarrassing, to say your affirmation out loud, you can repeat them silently. Aloud works best because your conscious mind hears it over and over again and knows your intention.

Keep repeating the affirmation as often as you can. The strong positive feelings created will motivate new positive behavior, which in turn will cause you to feel more positively.

Visualize what your life will be like once you reach your goal or achieve what you have dreamed of. Imagine how you will feel when it is in your life. What will your life look like with this new person, situation or feeling present? Feel the happiness in anticipation of it happening.

You certainly don't have to write your own affirmations. Louise Hay has spent years working on affirmations for any situation, health issue or feeling. Her book You Can Heal Your Life is a must have, especially if you have health issues you want to address. Louise has spent most of her life helping people overcome illness with affirmations.

Look here for some excellent examples of positive daily affirmations you can use.

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