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Eating Healthy for the New Vibrations

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You may find it odd to see a whole section about eating healthy on a spiritual website.

What could healthy eating possibly have to do with vibrations and energy?

Well here is a word from Albert Einstein:
“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Spiritual teachers and leaders all agree that the vibration of the earth is changing as we enter the time of 2012 and progress beyond.

The vibration of the earth is becoming lighter.

It may not seem that this point should impact us physically in any way, but it does.

To effectively assimilate and utilize this energy, our diets need to be a little different than many of us are used to.

Our diet needs to be a little lighter with less emphasis on heavy meat protein. Does that mean that we all have to turn to vegetarian diets? Many may disagree with me, but I don't think so, unless that is your desire. But we do need to pay more attention to what we are eating - the mix of foods we eat at the same time, the variety of foods we eat, where it comes from and how it is produced.

Unfortunately there sometimes seems to be little regard for human health in the production of food in most parts of the world these days. Even organic cereals have been found to contain genetically modified grain (read more here if you are interested).

My definition of eating healthy may not suit you. Many of you are probably already eating healthier than I am.

You may have stopped consuming animal products totally and be eating vegan or vegetarian and think that everyone should do the same.

Everyone makes his or her own choice about the food they consume and my recommendations may not be strict enough for many. But my hope is that the information and recipes on these pages will help us to move toward a healthier diet than many of us in North America currently consume.

Tips for Eating Healthy

Give Thanks

Always bless your food before you eat it. Some of us grew up saying grace before meals. I know I discarded the tradition as soon as I was on my own, but the truth is that asking the Creator to bless our food and fill it with positive energy before we consume it makes a real difference in how the food nourishes our body.

Food that has been blessed has more positive vibrations and energy in it. Also, thank and bless the animals and vegetation that provided the nourishment.

Less Meat

Eating healthy these days means eating less meat than we may have in the past. I am not advising that you become a vegetarian or a vegan. To me that is a personal choice. But meat protein is heavy and produces a heavy vibration in our bodies.

If we want to be more accepting of the new, lighter, vibrational energy that is beginning to flood our planet, it is best to eat a healthy diet that contains less protein from animal sources.

We in North America tend to be pretty heavy protein eaters, especially meat protein, so I have a growing collection of recipes on the site for you that stretch the meat out. That way you get that tasty meat flavor you are looking for, but without eating large pieces of meat at one meal.

Soups and stews are terrific ways of doing this. Adding some non-meat meals to our healthy diet helps too. Keep coming to the site to find more and more recipes that make eating healthy easy.

Avoid Pork

Stay away from pork. Most spiritual teachers, including Edgar Cayce, will advise against eating pork. (Cayce did say a little bit of very well cooked bacon is okay on occasion.) I have heard that pigs are the one animal that knows what is going to happen to it when it goes to the slaughterhouse, which leaves the meat with a very negative vibration.

Avoid Chemicals in Food

It just makes sense that the more we can avoid chemicals in our food, the better. Eating healthy means trying to source chicken, lamb, beef, eggs and dairy that has been produced without antibiotics and growth hormones. If you have ever seen the documentary Food Inc. you will never look at a chicken again, without wondering how it was raised.

Chemicals in our food build up as toxins in our body. Over the years who knows how much disease is caused by a buildup of chemicals through the food we eat?

Eat More Local Food

Be more aware of where your food comes from. Food that travels thousands of miles to reach us has lost much of its nutritional value. Plus, other countries may have standards of which we are not aware that may not be agreeable to us.

The vibrations of local food, grown close to home, matches our own and is therefore much more nourishing for us than food grown at a far distance. As often as you can, choose to eat local for greater vibrational harmony.

Here are more tips about local food and why you should choose to eat local as often as you can.

Eat a Rainbow

Eating healthy includes eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, often called eating a rainbow. Each color of food has its own vibration and its own set of nutritional benefits, so try to include not just food from all food groups, but also food from all colors. Try incorporating more beets, beet greans, Swiss chard, collards, quinces or pomegranates into your healthy meals.

Eat Freshly Prepared Food

Overall, healthy food is fresh food. Freshly prepared food has more nutrients.

Packaged foods almost always contain much much more sodium than most of us would ever put into our own food, plus hidden fats and additives like MSG and trans fats. They also contain much smaller amounts of vegetables than we need on a healthy diet.

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified food is rampant nowadays. Many people don't think anything about whether there is a problem around eating it or not. However, most holistic health practitioners and spiritual healers will tell you it is extremely damaging to our bodies, some even saying it can change our DNA.

Even organic breakfast cereal has been shown to contain genetically modified grains and traces of pesticides (see the reference above). Look here to find out how to tell if the produce you are buying at the grocery store is genetically modified or not. It's quite simple.

If we can just be aware more often of the points made above, eating healthy will just become second nature, something we do more and more often without even having to think about it.

Read more about how eating healthy food is the road to optimum wellness.

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