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Edgar Cayce on Food Combining For Health

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Edgar Cayce made many recommendations about food combining for health.

Cayce was often referred to as the "sleeping prophet". In a sleep trance he gave thousands of readings over several decades, most of them about various aspects of the mind body spirit connection.

Within those readings Cayce often advised people about the food they ate and how it was affecting their health. The two areas he referred to most often were the bodys' acid alkaline balance and food combining for health.

Cayce often noted that the cause of illness in some people he read for was over acidity of the body. This can be caused by a number of influences, including too much sugar and other acidic foods in the diet, combining sugar and starches at the same meal and eating several starches together in one meal.

Overall, we eat far too many starches in our society and pay for it in illness and our need for medications. I too am a starch junkie much of the time and am trying to move myself to a more alkaline diet.

Cayce recommended that for optimum pH balance our diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods. You can find much more information about pH balance on the site here.

In addition to his comments on the acid alkaline balance in the foods we eat, Edgar Cayce gave several other readings that included recommendations about food combining for health.

He stated that our diet should consist of lots of vegetables, especially leafy green and raw vegetables, and far less consumption of meats, especially beef and pork. Both of these health recommendations are in line with todays nutritional wisdom.

Some of Cayces' advice is less well accepted and promoted, but that always happens with information that is on the cutting edge. Given his ability to diagnose and direct treatments in his readings, and the number of people over the years who have used his methods to heal themselves of various ailments, I would strongly recommend that you look closely at what he had to say about food combining for health.

Edgar Cayces' Food Combining For Health Recommendations

  • Eat very little concentrated starchy foods with protein foods. Especially avoid eating large amounts of starchy carbohydrate foods with meats or cheeses.

  • The diet should consist of more vegetables and less meat.

  • Eat very little beef or pork. Consume more chicken, fish and eggs than meat.

  • Do not combine starches and sugar in the same meal. For example, ice cream would be better for dessert than pie, as pie combines starch and sugar.

  • Have at least one meal a day where a quantity of raw vegetables dominates the meal. A large salad of mixed vegetables including leafy greens and lettuces, cabbage, spinach, celery, carrots and onions is a perfect lunch selection. Include tomatoes only when they are in season, and ideally grown locally.

  • Don't fry foods.

  • Use butter not margarine, but use it sparingly for flavor.

  • Cook foods in their own juices as much as possible. Cayce was an advocate of using Patapar paper, a vegetable based paper much like parchment paper, for cooking. If you cannot find it locally, it is still available for purchase online.

  • Do not eat or drink citrus of any kind at the same meal as you consume wheat cereal.

  • Do not drink coffee with milk or cream.

  • Do not eat two starches at the same meal. Eating a high starch (carbohydrate) meal is hard on the body and can significantly increase insulin levels.

  • Do not consume orange juice (or any citrus food) at the same meal as you consume milk.

  • Do not eat tomatoes that have not been picked ripe. Tomatoes contain many healthy vitamins and minerals but Cayce stated that they can be destructive to the body if they ripen after they are picked or are contaminated in other ways. He recommends canned tomatoes if you cannot find in season locally grown ripe tomatoes.

  • Raw apples are an excellent purifying food for the body but are best eaten alone.

  • Eat 3 servings of vegetables that grow above the ground to every one serving of a vegetable that grows below the ground (potatoes and carrots for example).

  • Eat 1 serving of leafy vegetables for every 1 serving of pod vegetables, such as green peas or sugar snap peas.

  • Don't cook your food in aluminum pots and pans.

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You will find more information on food combining for health here.

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