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Eating Healthy Food -
The Road to Optimum Health and Wellness

Eating healthy food really is one of the most important steps to achieving optimum health and wellness.

Obviously eating good food helps us to create a healthy body.

We have also learned that the type of food we eat also has a tremendous impact on our energy level and general feeling of health and wellness.

One of the reasons for this is that the pH balance in our bodies is a vital factor in creating a healthy body. We'll examine why that is and how to eat to optimize body pH. We also have extensive lists of acidic and alkaline foods to help you determine what the healthiest diet will be for you.

The way we combine the foods we eat is also an important factor in whether we are creating a healthy body or an impaired system that is more open to disease.

Edgar Cayce, often called the Sleeping Prophet, was an early promoter of correct food combining and the tremendous impact it can have on our health. He was emphatic that healthy food, consumed in the proper combinations in our meals is essential for optimum health and wellness.

Do you know how to tell if you are buying genetically modified food? We'll tell you how to easily read product PLU codes so genetically modified foods stay off your dinner table.

You will notice that we are taking a more holistic health approach on this site. There are lots of other places where you can get information on prescription and over the counter drugs, but we are more interested in creating a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit in as drug free a way as possible.

For example, removing foods with artificial sweeteners helps to eliminate toxic chemicals from our diets. You can replace toxic sweeteners and still eat sugar free by using stevia, a natural plant that is 40 times sweeter than sugar and offers many health benefits.

The right food really does help us to integrate mind body spirit, whether you choose to go the vegetarian/vegan route or incorporate some meat protein into your diet.

Nourishing our bodies with healthy food - food that is not laden with chemicals, preservatives and other toxins, also helps to lighten our vibrational energy level.

In the readings Edgar Cayce gave over several decades, he repeatedly stated that the spiritual and mental life are not separated from the physical. The considered the body the temple of the spirit and often stressed the importance of treating our bodies with kindness and consideration.

He states: "There is as much of God in the physical as there is in the spiritual or mental, for it should be one!" (Reading 69-5)

That philosophy is our jumping off point for the information we will share with you. It's all connected and getting healthier in one area can't help but be of benefit in all areas of our lives.

Please feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it on a regular basis as we add lots more information, plus some great recipes, to help us along on this part of our journey.

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