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The Meaning of an Indigo Color

Indigo color has one of the longest wave lengths in the visible color spectrum.

A mix of blue and violet, we see it in the deep blue of the night sky and in foods like blueberries and concord grapes.

Like the color blue, indigo governs communication, either written or spoken. This color though is more about inward communication. Personal thoughts and reflections are governed by the indigo color as are insights and deep understanding.

This color rules the mind, our reasoning ability and the intellect. It represents knowledge, dignity and intuition.

On a physical level the colour indigo controls all of the five senses: the arms, hands, tongue, and vision. It also rules the intestines and lungs.

The color indigo is associated with the pineal gland, located in the brain. The pineal gland is linked to the nervous system and mental abilities including our psychic ability.

Edgar Cayce's readings suggest that the pineal gland is the place where patterns start and the seed is implanted. Ideas can start here. Inventors who have new creations or ideas that come "out of the blue" are using the energy of this dark blue color.

Indigo has an effect on balance and coordination, self-reflection, mental clarity and wisdom. It has a balancing influence on our frustrations and fears.

The indigo color energy relates to our true understanding of life. When our indigo energy is balanced we are more able to understand the meaning of our lives and see the need to help others as part of our own spiritual growth.

Suffering from excess indigo color energy in our lives can result in thinking you are above others spiritually or letting your ego get out of control.

You can also have too little indigo energy and become fearful, oversensitive, undisciplined and a wishful thinker who never really gets it done.

Edgar Cayce stated that "a preference for indigo would be indicative of high mental abilities, a logical, discerning, enthusiastic and cheerful nature, and a desire to express creativeness with little thought of one's own ego." 1

Someone who is drawn to the color indigo is "searching for an idealized harmony into which he can blend". This person would "seek to share a warm intimacy with a sensitive and understanding partner in an esthetic atmosphere of peace and love." 1

On the contrary, someone who shows a dislike for an indigo color may be overcautious, impetuous and argumentative in their nature, with a desire to let their ego take over.

The colour indigo is a good color to add to a room where creative work will be done as it inspires our creative energies through intuition. It is perfect for a room where you like to contemplate quietly or meditate. It is not the best color for a larger room with multiple functions.

There are both positive and negative personality characteristics associated with each color.

The positive aspects of indigo color include:

  • Intuitive
  • Logical
  • Discernment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Cheerfulness
  • Fearless
  • Fulfillment of duty
  • Practical Idealism
  • Helping
  • Comforting nature
  • High intellectual faculties
  • Strong reasoning Ability
  • Power of concentration
  • Good memory

Among the negative attributes associated with the color indigo, if it is not in balance, are:

  • Fear
  • Intolerant
  • Impractical
  • Judgmental
  • Sees only the negative and dark side
  • Melancholy
  • Cynical
  • Ruthless
  • Over-cautious
  • Impetuous
  • Argumentative

Indigo in the Chakra System:

The color indigo or very dark blue is associated with the 6th chakra, often called the third eye chakra or brow chakra. The sixth chakra is located between the eyes in the middle of the forehead.

The brow chakra governs intelligence, intuition, knowledge, inner vision, dignity and psychic power. It is an important energy center, as it is where you can withdraw into yourself, for peace, quiet and inner knowledge, for example in meditation or quiet contemplation.

When this 6th or third eye chakra becomes out of balance it shows up in our behavior in things like indecision, jumping to conclusions and a lack of ability to see the big picture.

Physical symptoms like blurred vision or eye problems, headaches or nightmares may accompany the behavior. If you experience these it may be advantageous to add an indigo color to your life in some way (and obviously see your health practitioner if physical symptoms persist).

Indigo Gemstones

Gemstones that are associated with the color indigo include - Azurite, Iolite, Blue Jasper, Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Sodalite, Blue Obsidian, Blue Tourmaline, Celestite, Charoite, Garnet, Lavender Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Tanzanite and Sugilite.

Indigo color gem stones are said to help bridge what we see as a gap between the mind and spirit. It opens the door to our subconscious and spiritual knowledge.

It may be beneficial to use indigo color gems when you want to increase your intuition, to seek inside yourself for guidance, to see things from a new and fresh perspective, to help you go into deeper states of meditation or to learn more about yourself.

Add the essence of the power of indigo and therefore of the brow chakra by carrying an indigo color gemstone such as iolite or azurite. Wear it tucked into a pocket so it is near your skin.

Adding The Color Indigo in Your Life

If you think that you are out of balance, physically or mentally, in areas that are governed by the color indigo it may be a good idea to add it to your life. You can carry an indigo color gemstone, wear the color in clothing or bring accents in that color to a room in your home or office.

Add Some Indigo Color To Your Life:

You may want to add indigo color in your life when:

  • You want to develop your intuition.
  • You have personal issues you need to focus on.
  • You have problems sleeping.
  • You want to calm your nerves.
  • You have trouble hearing.
  • You have issues with your skin.
  • You want solitude
  • You want to focus on inner communication and development
  • You want to focus on a problem with a new perspective.

Do Not Add Indigo:

  • When you are feeling depressed.

Wearing Indigo

Wearing indigo color in your clothing makes you appear to be individualistic, possibly even to radical. It shows that you are somewhat unconventional. You show that you are interested in new ideas and in people.

Indigo Characteristics

Day: Saturday

Sign: Capricorn

Planet: Mercury

Gland associated with the color Indigo: Pineal Gland

Indigo Foods: Eggplant, broccoli, blue grapes plus the blue and violet foods

Indigo Gemstones: Azurite, Iolite

Chakra: the sixth or Brow Chakra, often referred to as the Third Eye Chakra

Read more about the meaning of colors here.

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1. Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings, by Roger Lewis
2. Colour Energy, by Inger Naess

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