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The Meaning of Colors

Whether we are aware of it or not, the meaning of colors influences us in many ways. It is very much part of the mind body spirit connection.

Color is energy. It is the reflection of light split into different wave lengths and vibrating at different frequencies. We don't really see the color, we see its absence. We experience the color blue for example because the object we are looking at absorbs the energy of all other colors except blue.

Colour is very symbolic and has meaning on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual.

Think of how you felt that last time you saw a lush green pasture or gazed out over a tranquil blue lake. These are images that tend to soothe and inspire us.

Wearing a new red dress can make a woman feel bold, confident and sexy.

The color pink makes us think of soft things, like babies and little girls.

Red and green are the colors of Christmas and that combination of colors alone, even apart from anything Christmas related, evokes memories of the holidays, in North Americans at least.

Color is used in healing, in showing the world who we are and in creating harmony in our environment.

Color therapy, using either colored lights or color baths, has been used successfully to provide our body with the colour energy it needs to correct emotional and physical imbalances. If you have too much red energy, you may feel agitated or hot headed. Taking a walk in the woods or taking a green energy bath helps to balance the hot energy of red with the cooling and calming energy of the color green.

We can't imagine our lives without color, even if we tend to not notice its impact much of the time. Color can be divided into two basic groups. The meaning of colors that fall into the red-orange-yellow group is vibrancy and excitement, while the blue-green colors have a more passive or calm influence.

The impact of color on various aspects of our lives and our emotions has been studied for years.

Research has shown that people who prefer the warmer red-orange-yellow color spectrum tend to be extroverted, while a blue-green color preference indicates a more introspective, quiet and detached personality. Yellow tends to be a color selected by intellectuals while artistic types are more drawn towards purple or violet. More well-balanced individuals tend to pick greens.

Edgar Cayce spoke about color and the meaning of colors in several of his readings. He stated that color is vibration or movement and has both a positive and negative force. You will see as you read the individual meaning of colors linked below that each color has positive qualities and is good used in certain circumstances, as well as negative qualities which mean that it will be a negative influence if used under some circumstances.

For example, the color red indicates boldness, vitality and action. It also connotes sex appeal. The flip side however is that color meanings for red also include anger and selfishness.

Knowing the meaning of colors and the principles of color theory we can express ourselves creatively, positively and dynamically. We can use it in harmony with the Creative Force.1

I like this quote from Ingrid Naess about how our understanding of the meaning of colors will influence us in the future:

"The future will provide us with so much - we shall begin to understand more and more about the importance of colour in our homes, in public institutions, and in our private lives... holistic teachings will help us understand that not only is the relation between our body and soul dependent on each other, but we are dependent on our surroundings, our surroundings are dependent on the ecological balance, the ecological balance is dependent on the cosmic balance, which is dependent on a power that... I call divine power."2

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The meaning of colors and its influence is just a small part of the mind body connection.

A brief description of Chakra Colors

1. Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings, by Roger Lewis
2. Colour Energy, by Inger Naess

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