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Mind Body Connection:
Our Thoughts & Feelings Affect Our Health

The mind body connection, the concept that how we feel emotionally and mentally affects how we feel physically, is being proven over and over again in current scientific research.

In ancient cultures and native cultures there is an understanding that our entity is a whole and that body mind spirit are all connected.

When we began to rely more and more on science to prove everything, we began to define the parts of the body by their functions. In doing so we moved away from the understanding of our wholeness and began to emphasize individual body parts, symptoms and medicines to remove symptoms.

We have come a long way in developing medicines for a wide variety of diseases, but many of those medications cause symptoms and illnesses of their own.

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Finally, science, in part at least, is beginning to look at the whole. In doing so they are proving that we have much more control over our bodys' health than we have been lead to believe.

Stress, for example, has been well proven to be a huge factor in the creation of disease. It can create medical symptoms directly, such as headaches, palpitations, body pains, fatigue, rashes and high blood pressure and can also make symptoms from other causes worse.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, has conducted experiments that examined the processes by which cells receive information in great detail. The results of this research radically changed our understanding of how the body works.

Dr. Lipton's research, as well as research conducted by other scientists, shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology as has been thought by scientists for many years. The fact is that DNA is instead controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energy messages that emanate from our positive and negative thoughts.

Dr. Bernie Siegel says in his book Love, Medicine and Miracles that: "Talking to patients who are having cardiac irregularities during surgery can reverse the irregularities or slow a rapid pulse."

It has also been proven that stress and depression can send hormones, such as excess cortisol, into the blood stream, making people more susceptible to a variety of diseases.

With more and more evidence proving a mind body connection, it is important that we look at how our own feelings can impact our health and how we influence disease and healing.

Barbara Hoberman Levine states that "You may not want to recognize yourself as the source of your ailments. But until you do, you are not in the drivers seat and cannot begin to think of yourself as the source of healing as well." 1

We create "dis-ease" in our bodies through stress, negative thinking, bitterness towards past events and our inability to forgive people who have "wronged" us. We have emotional memories of the past that can easily be triggered by events in the present.

Of course, a few negative thoughts won't likely produce life threatening disease. But when you think of the hurts we have accumulated over a lifetime - the pains we hold in us from childhood emotional or physical traumas; the ways we may have withheld love, both from others and from ourselves; the fears we have about life, money, health, our family's well being or the future of the world; the stress in our lives created by work, taking care of children and sometimes parents; and negative feelings we may have due to envy of what others have or bitterness about how life has treated us - you can see that the negative effects of all of these "little" things could build in our body over time to produce ill health.

The mind body connection is literally a part of us. As Edgar Cayce stated: "Thoughts are things and mind is the builder." What we see in our lives is a reflection of what we have been thinking and the attitudes we have had.

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No Blame in the Mind Body Connection

Some people don't want to consider the idea that we create (to some extent at least) health or lack of health in our bodies. They feel it involves blaming yourself and adding guilt to what may already be a negative - a diagnosis of disease.

Blame, shame and guilt has no place here, so please try to look at it in another way. We are all human and we have all had negative feelings about some of the people in our lives and about past or present circumstances and events. There is no blame or shame in that.

Self Healing, Forgiveness and the Mind Body Connection

First and foremost, self healing begins with forgiveness. You must become willing to forgive yourself for your role in creating whatever ill health you may be experiencing. Forgive, learn and move on. Blame and denial both keep you in the negative state that helped to create ill health in the first place. Forgiveness paves the way for renewal and health.

The important thing is to now become aware of how stress and holding on to pain, fears and resentments are affecting us over the long term. Awareness gives you the power to begin to change things. With a new awareness you can begin to look at ways to reduce stress and begin to control and change negative thinking.

Continue reading more on self healing and the mind body connection here.

1 Quoted from Your Body Believes Every Word You Say: The Language of the Bodymind Connection, Revised and Expanded Edition, by Barbara Hoberman Levine

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