My Friend

by Kellie J Brown
(Leesville, LA)

My Friend

God knows what I needed in life
That is why He gave me a friend
One who accepts me for me
Who I know will love me until the end

God knew I needed someone who wants what is best for me
One who challenges me to ALWAYS do my best
And when things are bad and seem too hard
To trust God and give Him the rest

God knew I needed someone to be honest with me
And to show they do truly care
To show me unfailing Jesus' love
To let me know no matter what they would always be there

He knew I would need someone very special
One who loved Him with all of their heart
One who would guide me and love me
And wisdom from God they would impart

Thank you my friend for being this friend
God had specially picked out for me
For being willing to go above and beyond
To show me what life with Jesus' can really be

Kellie J. Brown

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