Our Father in Heaven plea for the unborn child

by Cynthia Marie Manton
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Our Father in Heaven plea for the unborn child
Written by Cynthia Manton

Sweet dreams dear baby for God knows you well
He sent you here to reside for just a spell
He is trying to tell your mother how wonderful you will be
If only she will wait a few more months and see

God then spoke to the young mother in her dreams
Please my child, keep this dear sweet baby and you will see
She will become a great and righteous leader one day
But only if you will allow her to stay

She will help to take away the pain of so many children in need.
My dear sweet child, hold this baby close and then you shall see
That all that you have to do now is to believe in me...

The Wind Cries Marie

Cynthia Manton

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