Root Chakra

The First Chakra
- The Root Chakra

The first chakra is often called the root chakra.

One of the reasons it is called the root or base chakra is that it is located in the root or base of the body, at the bottom end of the spine, in the groin, between the sex organs and the anus (perineum).

In Sanskrit the name for the base chakra is the Muladhara chakra. The word muladhara means foundation or support at the root.

Each chakra is represented by a color and a symbol.

The color that represents the root or muladhara chakra is a rich ruby red. Ruby red symbolizes vitality and life force. It can also symbolize the emotion of anger.

The symbol for the first chakra is a lotus flower with four petals. The number four represents honesty and a strong foundation. You can see it represented in the image above.

The element that represents this chakra is "earth" and the verb associated with it is "to be".

You can see that every reference to this chakra indicates your foundation or your base, upon which all else is built. It is about the primal life force in each of us.

Each chakra also governs a specific part of the physical body and is related to the manifestation of certain emotions that stem from a balance or imbalance in that part of the body.

When that particular chakra is out of balance, you may experience health and emotional problems that relate to that area of the body.

Working in reverse then, you can often tell which chakra is out of balance by noticing what is going on with your body and your emotions. (Remember the mind body spirit connection. It is readily evident in the workings of the chakras.)

The root chakra governs the adrenal glands, the lower digestive system, the kidneys, the elimination functions of the body and our lower body (legs, knees, and feet). If it is in balance you have an abundance of energy and vitality and you digest your food well.

If the root or muladhara chakra is out of balance you can experience health issues like tiredness, constipation and elimination issues, lower back pain, poor sleep patterns, eating disorders and obesity.

On the emotional level the 1st chakra is all about the primal instinct of physical survival. When it is in balance you feel secure, grounded and stable. You have a feeling of independence.

If this energy center is out of balance, with either with too much energy or too little, you can find yourself feeling insecure, depressed, angry or fearful. It can also manifest in feelings of being ungrounded or absent minded, a head in the clouds type of thing, or a fight or flight attitude.

The gemstones that are said to help balance the red base chakra include the ruby, coral, garnet and bloodstone. I have heard it suggested that you should wear a small piece of any of the helpful gemstones high and hidden on your body (for example tucked into a bra or upper pocket) to help balance that chakra. Take care though - gemstones and crystals can be quite powerful. I would suggest being careful and mindful with their use.

There are also essential oils that help balance each chakra. For this one, the helpful oils would include oil of clove, cypress, cedar, marjoram and myrrh.

The root chakra is all about feeling safe and secure in this physical world. It is about being nourished and having our basic needs met.

If you are not feeling that way or have issues in these areas, you may want to pay attention to the root chakra and learn ways to regain its balance.

Aspects of the Root Chakra

 Sanskrit Name  Muladhara Chakra
 Color  Ruby Red
 Symbol  Lotus flower with four petals, representing a strong foundation
 Element  Earth
 Verb  To be
 Location  Base of the spine in the area of the perineum
 Gland  Adrenal glands
 Sense  Smell
 Mantra  Lam
 Physical Body Areas Governed  Legs and feet, knees, hips and the skeletal system, bones, lower digestive functions, excretory functions, teeth, anus, prostate, adrenals, kidneys, and sexual activity.
 Emotions Governed  Physical survival, the primal instincts, feelings of fight or flight
 Gemstones  Ruby, garnet, coral, and bloodstone
 Essential Oils  Oil of clove, cypress, marjoram, cedar, and myrrh
 Lessons to Learn  To feel safe and secure in this physical world and to satisfy our basic needs.

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