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Easy Ways to Clean the Seven Chakras

The seven chakras are critical energy centers in the human body through which the energy of the universe enters and exits the body. They are openings in the body and the aura through which energy flows in, out and through our bodies. These openings are both physical and spiritual and are vital to the functioning of our physical bodies as well as our souls.

These energy centers in our physical bodies are associated with different mental, emotional, spiritual and physical reactions and operations. Each of the major seven chakras is associated with certain character traits as well. By honing the power of a particular chakra, you can bring healing to your own spirit, mind or body.

Chakra Locations

There are seven primary chakras in the body. They are located along the center of the physical being, but actually hover outside of the body, residing in the aura or the energy shell that surround our physical body.

The first chakra is the root, which is the center of your being, located at the center of the thighs, and is the central point of instinctual reactions. The crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head, is the focal point of mental functioning and is considered to be the thread by which we are connected to the spiritual realm as well.

There are five chakras that fall between the root and the crown, including the sacral, solar, heart, throat and third eye or brow. These five energy centers are found along the center of the body, running along the spine, neck and head.

Chakra Imbalances

Imbalances to the chakras can lead to serious spiritual challenges, mental difficulties, and even physical illness. Each chakra governs certain aspects of our being and when a single chakra is out of balance it can impact overall wellness and wellbeing.

There are certain things which can be done to bring chakras back into balance and cleansing the seven chakras is required in order to address any energy imbalance present. You may perform cleanses yourself or with the assistance of an energy worker. Regardless of the approach you take, there are chakra exercises that can be performed to cleanse chakras and bring them back into healthy balance.

Spiritual and Mental Exercises

There are certain mental and spiritual practices to cleanse the brow and crown chakras located in the head. These two chakras are connected to the mental and spiritual aspects of being and require you to perform intellectual, spiritual and emotional exercises to cleanse and rebalance these energy centers.

Many people find that meditation is the best method of cleansing the brow chakra. Visualization, remote viewing and lucid dreaming are all methods of cleansing the third eye or brow chakra and bringing it back into healthy balance.

The crown chakra is of critical importance to spiritual health and requires special attention as a result. This chakra is our tie to the spiritual realm and must be in balance in order for other chakras to operate properly. Prayer, meditation, the use of mantras and mental imagery are all methods of cleansing the crown chakra.

Addressing problems with all the other chakras can often be achieved through similar practices. Mental and spiritual exercises are used to rebalance and cleanse the seven chakras. Physical exercises like yoga combine the physical and spiritual aspects of our being and are one of the best ways to bring all chakras back into a healthy balance for many individuals.

Mental and physical exercises are often more difficult for people than are physical activities. With practice; however, finding your emotional and spiritual center is possible and cleansing the seven chakras will restore your physical and emotional balance as well as return you to your soulful, natural state.

Meditation, self hypnosis, visualization and the usual of mental imagery are all methods to consider to cleanse the seven chakras and bring your energies back into balance. Improve the function of each chakra and return your aura to its most natural state. Finding mental and emotional cleansing like that which comes from utilizing relaxation techniques helps you clear your aura of damage and return your chakras to healthy balance. Healthy chakras mean clearer thought processes, better balanced emotional responses, and a better state of overall physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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