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My Spiritual Journey: Steps Along the Spiritual Path

We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we realize it or not.

Most of you who have found your way to this website are conscious of being on a spiritual path. Others are not quite so aware. Either way, this journey we're on is very much a spiritual one.

I have decided I need to be more open about sharing my own spiritual journey and this is the section where I will share experiences along my very windy path.

The spiritual aspect of my life is the most important part of my life. That said, I can't say I am always as mindful of that as I would like to be. When things go awry, it can sometimes be easy to forget it all and go back into worry or anger.

Either way, this section of the site is where I will share my own spiritual journey with you, both the times I feel I am connected, and the times I am not so much.

We all have times where we can see we are connected and times we can't feel it nearly as much. I would really love you to share your own experiences too. Use the form below to send in your stories and share them with others who visit the site. We are all one big community after all.

A Bug Plays a Role in My Spirtual Journey

My Not So Imaginary Friend

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