Spiritual Poems

Two dear friends of mine write beautiful spiritual poems.

They have given me permission to share a few of them with you on the site.

Lately my friend Tom has been writing about the light - God's Light that shines from within us, or what he also calls the Christ Light.

I hope you enjoy these little gems of spiritual poetry. I know I get a lot from them.

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The Christ Light

This supernal light beckons.
Calling forth the highest "force of Light" within us,
Each and every one of us.
Reawakening each who responds
To his/her Destiny to radiate that Light
Freely, brilliantly, magnanimously,
Uninterruptedly and eternally,
As the truest expression of personal Being.

The ONENESS of Life, of Living,
Uniquely manifested by each One.
So, is our Destiny,
So is our Calling,
So is our
Deep Heart's Desire.

Light from Light.
Inner Gold radiating outward,
The New Golden Age.

New – Yet Timeless
Eternal – Yet as Fresh as
A Sparkling Spring Morn.

This is what calls us forth,
What calls from within,
What claims our Heart's Desire.

Dreams & Destiny unite
In Heart & Light
When the Soul
With Spirit's Might
Sets its
Ship of Life aright
God's Delight.

by TMc

The Light

The Light that shines through us
Is the Eternal God Light.
It is one & the same
It is one with all
It is ONE!

It is inextinguishable
it beckons us forward
This Light of
ALL The Tomorrows

It shines It’s Light for all to see.
It is calling us to return to our true Home.
It is calling us & signaling us,
This Beacon ~
To the Safe Harbour of
Heavenly Embrace.

by TMc

Katherine T. Owen is a wonderful woman who has a website about spirituality that also documents her journey to health. She has shared two of her lovely spiritual poems with us. You will find more of Katherine's forgiveness poems here.

Here are two of Katherine's poems:

Bless Someone

Every time you bless someone
God says: "Thank you".

You give him access
He didn't have before.

by Katherine T Owen

Becoming Her

When you turn into one you criticise,
you face a choice.


You condemn yourself for
the pain you've felt:
you were wrong all along;
she was right.
Let yourself become like her
you understand her now.


You feel more angry than before:
look at what she's turned you into;
it's not your fault.
She must adapt
to allow your existence
as this mutated self.


You forgive her:

Is not your question
"How can you do this to me?"
finally answered
in the simple recognition
of the same behaviour in yourself?
Others led her as she led you.
You too know no better.

Can you allow your pain
even in the moment where you stand
no different from the one who causes it?

Can you use the pain to learn a different way?

As you forgive her
you forgive yourself.

Katherine T Owen

These spiritual poems are just a sample of the inspiration available on the site. Look here to browse that section.

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