Take A Moment

by Kellie J Brown
(Leesville, LA)

Take A Moment

So many times in this hectic life
We tend to get in such a rush
That we tend to run by and overlook
The people God has put in front of us

The person that you just never know
What they are really going through
The one you can make a huge difference
Depending on what you decide to do

Take a moment to listen, to lend a hand
A difference in someones life to make
Be the light, show them Jesus
For truly only but one moment does it take

We live in a very lost and hurting world
Where people are hanging on by a very thin rope
Searching for answers to their problems
Or just for a glimmer of hope

So take just a moment to show Jesus' love
Slow down the busy pace
Make a difference in someones life today
By extending love, mercy and grace.
Kellie J. Brown

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