The lesson of Silence

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

The lesson of silence forces the individual to see his life and heart for what they truly are. Most people walk across the stage of life like poorly trained actors, reading hollow lines placed in their mouths by other supposedly authoritarian persons, or by the contents of shallow writings never really understanding. They simply live their assigned parts according to the dictates of materialistic society, avoiding looking closely at who they really are on the inside.

It is far easier to allow oneself to be swamped by the brashness, the incessant noise and frenetic pace of the outer world. When, however, you take a step back, pause, and allow yourself entry into the realms of silence, the actors role is stripped away and the beauty of that silence and the lie of the untested heart is exposed.
The more this is done, until it becomes a constant sacred act, the more wonder, richness and sanctity of this inner world floods your being.

This is the true state of grace and reality from which your whole life is controlled and flows like a pellucid stream. It is in this state of deep silence that one, in time, becomes the master controller of ones life and destiny, no more to be controlled by the vagaries and fickleness of the the outer materialistic life. It is not by chance or whim that so many great individuals of the past retired from the outer world and their work for periods of time, for they knew the inestimable value and vital necessity of silence and its power to revitalise, re-energise body, mind and spirit.

Over the ages people have forgotten the simple truth that all form, the whole of creation from a stone to a star, had, and have their origin in the depths of deep silence. Whether it be the plant seed germinating in the dark soil, or the seed of a star-world germinating in the depths of the universe, that birth unfolds without exception in the depths of infinite silence.

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