The Righteous One

by Robert
(South Africa)

For untold ages has he walked the Earth,
from his high and etherial abode
he watched her fiery birth
and through the millenia her growth-awesome and wild
watching and patiently waiting like a loving mother with her child.

And since her coming of age countless aeons ago
has he sailed her oceans and walked all her lands high and low,
seeking, ever seeking to bring to humankind
lifes great and imperishable prize,
in diverse manner, in diverse guise.

As rich man, as poor man, as teacher and priest,
from North to South, West to East
has he been a gigantic catalist for change,
his survived words, deeds and thoughts, powerful and wise
far, far into the future do they range.

Through the millenia has his radiant star existed,
and through the millenia has mankind resisted,
save for the few who intuitively knew,
who saw true lifes higher view
like the revelation and beauty of a fresh new morn
were their souls reborn./

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