by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

This may seem to be a rather strange title on the theme of mans spiritual growth but with more thought on the subject it is actually very relevant.

A few days ago, it being Autumn here in South Africa with a period of warm weather, I went outdoors to do some gardening and afterwards decided to indulge in a brisk 5KM walk. As I walked facing the suns radiance I could not but help thinking that this world of ours could not exist without the light and energy of the sun and indeed no world can so exist.

We are told by astronomers that there are however extremely ancient planets not only in our solar system but elsewhere in the galaxy which have run their course, their evolution of many millions of years, served their cosmic purpose and their suns, as a result, been withdrawn and collapsed in on themselves so that they are now dead planetary bodies as it were, with no life whatsoever. As I thought on this those wonderful words from Ecclesiastes 3 came to mind; "there is a time and a season for everything under the heavens". One just has to observe the coming and going of the seasons to see the truth of this.As regards our beautiful planet Earth I have no doubt that it still has a vast period of time ahead for as the great spiritual Masters have indicated and taught, the kingdoms of life on our planet, the mineral,vegetable/plant,animal and man are in process of evolving to ever higher states of being,ie; the mineral is striving towards the plant kingdom, the plant to the animal,and the animal to the human, and those men and women who have glimpsed their divine potential are striving towards mastery of their lower material nature and forward to the light of their own high spirit self. As humans the vast majority take things as they are never giving thought to the wonder and richness of life and particularly our sun which is our veritable life giver.It is simply there.It rises and sets each day and that is that.

But if we give some serious thought to it, or spend a little time meditating on it and doing some research one would be amazed and even perhaps filled with awe. Our sun is at least
4.5 billion years old and is about only halfway through its prime and will not change significantly as a star for another 5 billion years.

Its radius is 696,000 km and a million earths could fit inside it with ease./ Its internal temperature is 15 million degrees C while its corona is 2 million degrees C and consists of superheated hydrogen and helium gases containing almost 99% of all matter in the solar system.
The mind absolutely boggles at such stupendous figures.
From the spiritual perspective the masters tell us that there are, regardless of its temperature, very highly evolved beings who live in the sun overshadowed by the Lord of the sun, Helios and his twin flame, Vesta. These are beings of vast age, wisdom and power who work under the aegis of the solar logos and who are also still evolving towards greater destiny's, for life is not static and even these great ones will eventually take up higher positions on other very advanced worlds in the galaxy.But getting back to us little humans who are endeavoring to ascend to the sun of our own high spirit self. There have been volumes written on the subject of meditation, invocation, and service as the royal road towards attaining that blazing inner light and the writings and instructions go way, way back in time, but ultimately the individual has to find his/her own way, to follow his own path overcoming all obstacles and barriers towards that dimly seen glow, and at times not seen at all for lengthy periods. It is often a trackless way with not the slightest warmth from our own inner sun. But we know it is there and its rays will be felt and known when the time is right. That time may not even be in this lifetime but that is no cause for concern. The main point is that we have set our feet to the path and are doing what we can, when we can to grow toward the light of our own inner sun.

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