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Universal Laws

What are Universal Laws?

In his book "Your Life: Why It Is The Way It Is and What You Can Do About It", Bruce McArthur states: "Universal laws are unbreakable, unchangeable principles of life that operates inevitably, in all phases of our life and existence, for all human beings and all things, everywhere, all the time."

There are numerous physical laws that govern our existence, like the law of gravity and the law of aerodynamics. The law of aerodynamics works all of the time. As long as a flying device, whether it be a bird or an airplane, is designed to conform with the law, it will fly.

If you drop something on land, the law of gravity says it will fall, whether you are in Greenland or Paris. If you drop something in water, the law of flotation takes over and if the item conforms to that law, it will float. All are working according to universal law.

Just as there are physical or natural laws, like the ones mentioned above, that govern our physical world, there are spiritual laws that work in the universe as well.

Spiritual laws also work everywhere, all the time, for each one of us. Edgar Cayce, in one of his readings, said "Everything in the earth is ruled by law." (reading 3902-2)

"Imagine with me for a moment that every aspect of this world is operated by laws - laws that are created out of kindness and love; laws that result in your having exactly what you need when you need it, that always work for the highest good of all; laws that are completely impartial, that apply to everyone equally everywhere throughout our world; laws that work without prejudice, without bias, without judges and courts and trials and lawyers, without bribery: laws that are just and beneficial for everyone at all times and in all places." ** p. 1

Well there are, and they are at work in our lives at every moment. How wonderful is that?

Many people will still negate the idea of spiritual laws because they think that these principles are more difficult to prove, and we have become a world that believes mostly in science. But if our Creator created physical laws that work the same way all the time, does it not make sense that there would be laws that govern all aspects of our lives: mental, social, financial and spiritual, as well?

Most of us are unaware of these laws or universal principles and how they shape our lives, but we do create what we experience in our lives every day, although mostly unknowingly. These principles are at work at every moment, shaping all facets of our lives. It is the concept of the mind body spirit connection in action. That is why some refer to them as laws of consciousness or laws of mind action.

The good news about spiritual laws is that we can learn about them and by understanding just how they work, we can become conscious co-creators of our lives. We can understand why things have been happening in our lives the way they have and what we can do to change it if we desire.

Here are a few examples of universal laws and how they may impact our lives:

1. The law of Like Begets Like states that you will reap similar to what you sow.

In the physical world this means that dogs give birth to dogs and humans give birth to humans, but it also means you won't find love in hate.

Our own attitudes, feelings and actions towards others determine the attitudes, feelings and actions others display towards us. If you act in hateful ways it is difficult to see love reflected back to you.

2. One of the major universal laws that has drawn much attention over the last years is the Law of Attraction, made famous in the film "The Secret".

The Law of Attraction can be stated as: "That which is like unto itself is drawn". It is also often stated as "like attracts like".

The effects of the law of attraction can easily be seen in our lives once we know what to look for. We can see that it impacts us in ways we see as positive as well as ways we see as negative.

For example, if we want more financial abundance in our lives, and are jealous of those who already have more money and possessions than we do, the vibration we are emitting of financial abundance and the vibration of jealousy of others are not alike. Therefore no new money comes in, often leaving us wondering "why not?".

If we are unaware of the universal law, we are not aware that we are not a vibrational match to financial abundance in our current mental state. We can become a vibrational match to "more money" or whatever we want to manifest in our lives.

Becoming a match to all of our desires takes time but it can certainly be done, with an awareness of how we are thinking and what our underlying beliefs are. Learn more about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your desires here.

Universal laws, spiritual laws, divine law or the laws of mind body spirit, whatever you call them, impact every aspect of our lives at every moment. Learning more about them, how they impact us and how we can grow in our own path of personal development to utilize them in a positive way can lead us all to a life filled with much more peace, abundance and contentment.

Go to the Law of Attraction.

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** Quoted from Your Life: Why It Is The Way It Is and What You Can Do About It. Understanding the Universal Laws",
Bruce McArthur, ARE Press

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"The essence and purpose of all universal laws and the reason for their existence is to manifest the infinite love of the Universe to you and to me."
Bruce McArthur

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