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1. A List of Pesticides in Food

Every year the Environmental Working Group take thousands of samples of the foods we commonly eat and test them for pesticide residue. Their findings are published so we can have a better idea of what is most important to purchase organically. Here is a list of the top 51 foods containing the most pesticide residue.

2. Deepak Chopra Meditation Videos

Deepak Chopra is one of the most renowned and respected spiritual teachers of our time. He has put together several short videos on meditation. They are perfect for those who are newer to meditation and would like to know if they are doing it "right" or not. Have a look at these 6 short videos on meditation for beginners from Deepak Chopra.

3. Our Bookstore

We have a new Amazon bookstore that is filled with great ideas for books you will want to add to your bookcase. Browse it here.

4. Law of Attraction Books

I love law of attraction books! They remind me over and over (I always need reminding) about how we can consciously co-create our lives with our Creator. As with all subjects, there are good books on this topic and not so good. I have written about my favorite law of attraction books. I have a collection of them and refer to them often. I have also found some great CDs and DVDs on this universal law. You can review my favorite law of attraction books, CDs, card deck and DVDs here.

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