When Tiger met Owl

by Luke Holt

Tiger stood in the sun
How proud I feel,thought he
my muscles bulge, my strength is old
my fervour savage
my temper bold

I sprint with glee
I jump quickly
My roar commands
my jungle reign

Then again he sprinted
through the night
and brought down monkey
with sheer delight

But Owl interrupted with cries on high
and 2 kings of nature
did look each other and scowl
And Owl spoke

Your pride blinds thee
your fall will come
when your savage glee is met by anothers
your death will come

Then only I Owl, not ye tiger will be in the sun.
Tiger knew that owl was right
but he resigned to his path with strength.
And to fight with all his might.

With many stories of owl untold
he knows simply that God is gold
and as in nature, also among men
some like Tiger, some like Owl
some die young, some die old.

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